Hatam Taaei

Hatam Ibn Abdullah, celebrated generous Arabic person in time of Jahiliyya (the state of affairs in Arabia before the miossion of the Prophet. In general it has the connection of ignorance and paganism). His father was Sa’d Taaei. Hatam was belonged to the tribe “Tayy” and lived before Islam. He is known as a popular person in Arabic literature. In time of Jahiliyya, there were three persons who were generous: Harm Ibn Senan, Ka’beh Ibn Imamah and Hatam Taaei. There are too many stories about his generousity in Arabic literature. During his life, he shared #### out all his properties more than ten times among the poor. It bis said some members of his family also were generous: his mother, his son “Oday” and his daughter. Hatam Taaei was also expert at poetry. His Diwan (Poetical Work) was published in 1872 in London. Hossein Waez Kshani (d. 1505) wrote the book “Hatamieh” (on life, stories and works of Hatam) which was published in Tehran and Paris. Also its Turkish translation was published in 1856 in Constantinople.

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