Ibn Bashkuwal

Ibn Bashkuwal Abul Qasem, Andalusian scholar and traditionist (1101 – 1183). First he studied Hadith in the presence of his father, Abu Muhammad Ibn Attab and Abul Walid Ibn Rushd then continued under Abu Muhammad Ibn Yarbu’, Abu Bakr Ibn Arabi and Abul Hasan Sarih. He heard and narrated Hadiths from many scholars. Ibn Bashkuwal studied around 400 books. He was expert at ancient and modern history of Andalus. Ibn Bashkuwal trained many students:
- Abu Bakr Qantari ####
- Abul Hasan Ibn Fayd
- Abu Bakr Ibn Samjun
- Abu Hasan Ibn Zahhak
- Abul Qasem Ahmad Ibn Muhammad

Some of his students died before him. Two of his students, Abul Qasem and Abul Fazl Hamedani were permitted to quote Hadiths from him. Ibn Bashkuwal was also a poet.

He had around 50 works in the group of history books:
1- Good points in knowing scholars
2- Methods of (narrating) Hadith
3- Pleasing God by prayers upon the Prophet
4- Traditions of al-A’mash
5- Translation of Ismail Qazi
6- Traditions of Ibn Wahab
7- Traditions of Ibn Mutraf Qanazeyi
8- Traditions of Ibn al-Mubarak
9- al- Musalsalat (The chains)
10- Judges of Qartabeh (a place in Andalus)
11- History of the scholars of Andalus (his most important book, he gathered 1400 biographies of men of letters)
12- Virtuous men of Andalus
13- History of jurists and judges

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