Mullah Ali Kani

Mullah Ali Kani, leading Shia jurisconsult and Mujtahed (the Arabic term donates one who possesses the aptitude to form his own judgement on questions concerning Islamic law, using personal effort) in the last 19th century. He was born in 1842, Kan – Iran. In spite of his father’s will (his father wanted him to study modern sciences, instead of old sciences), studied Arabic and juridical lessons. He studied in the presence of “Sheikh Murtaza Ansari” Mullah Ali Kani was the most influential scholars in Naser al-Din’s (Qajar shah) era in Tehran and Rey. The scholars “#### great scholar and influential figure. He was contemporary and had relationship with “Mirza Shirazi” (the great Shia leader).

1- On Rejal (name of an Islamic science which talks about traditionists)
2- Treatises on purification, judgement, evidence, selling, prayer, worship and some treatises on other juridical issues

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