Seyyed Muhammad Kazem Tabatabaee Yezdi

Seyyed Muhmmad Kazem Tabatabaee Yazdi, one of the most significant Shia figures in the two recent centuries; born in 1832 in Yazd – Iran. He passed the preliminary lessons (including literature and the primary levels of the sciences) in Yazd, then traveled to Mashhad to continue his education. In Mashhad he studied astronomy and mathematics. Then went to Isfahan and studied in the presence of the great scholars: Sheikh Muhammad Baqer Najafi, Seyyed Muhammad Baqer Khorasani, Ayatollah Muhammad Hashem Chahar Suqi and Ayatollah ####Muhammad Ja’far Abaadi. He also went to Najaf – Iraq and continued his studies under: Mirza Shirazi, Sheikh Mahdi Ja’fari, Sheikh Razi Najafi and Ayatollah Sheikh Mahdi Kashef al-Ghita.

1- Orvat al-Wuthqa (“True Faith”. His most valuable and prominent book)
2- The Question and Answer
3- Sahifat al-Kazimayn
4- The garden of prayer
5- Gloss on the book “Makaseb” (written by Sheikh Murteza Ansari)
6- Gloss on “The collection of Questions” (written by Mirza Muhammad Hasan Shirazi)
7- Gloss on the book “What have been done by man in this world for the resurrection day”
8- Gloss on the book “Jame’ al-Abbasi” (written by Sheikh Bahaee)
9- Gloss on the book “Saving man in the resurrection day” (written by Sheikh Bahaee)
10- Gloss on the book “The benefits of Principles “Osul” (written by Sheikh Murteza Ansari)
11- Treatise on “Bidding to good and forbidding evil”
12- Gloss on the book “Matajer” (Sheikh Murteza Ansari)

Many students were trained in his presence. The following list are the most famous ones:
1- Ayatollah Sheikh Abdul Karim Haeri
2- Ayatollah Seyyed Taqi Khansari
3- Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khansari
4- Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Bafqi
5- Ayatollah Agha Ziya Iraqi
6- Ayatollah Seyyed Hasan Modarres
7- Ayatollah Hossein Boroujerdi
8- Muhammad Tonekaboni
9- Sheikh Ahmad Kashef al-Ghita
10- Ayatollah Muhammad Hossein Kashef al-Ghita
11- Ayatollah Hossein Qomi
12- Reza Masjed Shahi
13- Seyyed Abdul Hossein Sharaf al-Din Aameli
14- Seyyed Muhammad Firooz Abaadi
15- Sheikh Zayn al-Abedin Abedi Zanjani
16- Sheikh Fazl Allah Sheikh al-Islam
17- Seyyed Yunus Ardebili
18- Sheikh Jafar Naqdi
19- Mirza Mahmood Zanjani
20- Mirza Mahdi Ashtiyani
21- Sheikh Abdul Nabi Iraqi

People loved Allameh Yazdi and he also loved them. He was against the colonization of England and also Iranian Constitution, because he believed that the Constitution was affected by England.

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