Islamic Shia Figures

Islamic Shia Figures is one of the Works of Ayatollah Sobhani, on the life of a group of the Prophet’s companions who had a friendly tendency towards Imam Ali (p.b.u.h).

The author’s life
Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani was born in 1930 in Tabriz – Iran, into a religious and educated family. He studied in Tabriz Seminary called “Talebiyeh”. The following were his master:####
- Ayatollah Khomeini
- Sheikh Hasan Nahvi
- Mirza Muhammad Ali Modarres Khiyabani
- Allameh Tabatabaee

Ayatollah Sobhani is one of the masters in Islamic Dar al-Tabliq in Qom, also the founder of Islamic Kalam (Theological) Studies Center (Imam Sadeq Institution) and a significant master in Qom Seminary.

Structure of the book
The book is in two volumes:
The first volume includes the introduction of 17 figures, as following:
1- The author of revelation
2- The great master of recitation (reading the Quran)
3- The founder of Hadith and jurisprudence in Shi’ism
4- The man of poem and jihad
5- The great ascetic
6- The man of epic and bravery
7- Who is going to be a shelter for the nation (Umma) on sedition day
8- The mujahid (Holy warrior) soldier
9- Imam Ali’s true companion
10- Imam Ali’s self-sacrificer companion
11- The conqueror of fortresses
12- The boundary of friendship with Ali
13- The Prophet’s Mo’azzein (a person who calls the faithful to prayer from the minaret of a mosque)
14- A chaste man from a great family
15- The martyr of Seffin Battle
16- The Holy warrior and worthy governor
17- The ascetic Holly warrior

The second volume includes the introduction of 11 figures:
1- The young commander
2- The first pilgrim of the martyrs
3- The brave commander
4- The enemy of the mislead leaders
5- The brave officer on horseback
6- The brave postman
7- Imam Ali’s self-sacrificer companion
8- The Prophet’s confidant
9- The Prophet’s secretary
10- The capable lecturer
11- The enemy of hypocrites

The first volume was published in 1975, and the second volume in 1980 in Qom –Iran.

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