This book is a work on principles of beliefs concerning monotheism, written by in Persian the outstanding contemporary scholar “Allameh Tehrani”.

The author intends to present the subjects through the koranic verse:
 “God is the Light of Heaven and Earth”. (24the sura Light “Nour/35).

The author

Allameh Seyyed Muhammad Hossein Hosseini Tehrani, outstanding scholar, theosophist, philosopher, theologian and literary man in the 21st century. He was born in 1926 in Tehran.

Allameh had studied mechanics successfully and could go abroad, continue his eduacation and work, but he started studying religious sciences.
Allameh went to “Qom Hawzeh” and studied philosophy, commentary and theosophy in the presence of great philosopher; “Allameh Tabatabaei” and other masters for 7 years.
Then he went to Najaf at the age of 27 to continue his studies.
He studied jurisprudence (Fiqh), methodology (Osul) and Hadith under great jurisconsults and scholars.
Allameh was also trained in the presence of great scholars and theosophists:

Sheikh Abbas Qochani, Seyyed Jamal al-Din Golpayegani, Sheikh Muhammad Javad Ansari and the prominent theosophist; “Seyyed Hashem Mousavi Haddad” who was one of the greatest students of “Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Qazi Tabatabaei”.
“Haddad” had a profound effect on Allameh’s life.

At the age of 33, by order of his master “Sheikh Muhammad Javad Ansari”, he returned to Tehran and started propagating Islamic commandments and guiding people.

Allameh Tehrani ahd also political activities. He wasa against “Muhammad Reza shah” (king of Iran) and was going to establish  an Islamic government.
He communicated with Imama Khomeini (the former supreme leader of Iran) by his students “Murteza Mutahari”.
In 1979, by order of his master “Seyyed Hashem Haddad”, he went to Mashhad and spent his rest of life in this city. He trained many students and wrote prominent books.

Some of his works:

1- On the knowledge of Imam (18 volumes)
2- On the knowledge of resurrection (10 volumes)
3- On the knowledge of Allah (3 volumes)
4- Scientific and natural monotheism in philosophical and theosophical sects

5- The treatise “Badi’e” (Novelty)
6- The duty of a Muslim for reviving Islamic government
7-  Authority of jurist (Welayat- e Faqih) in Islamic government (4 volumes)
8- Lama’at al-Hossein (the preaching and sermon of Imam Hossein [the 3rd Imam of Shias. P.b.u.h] )
9- The treatise “Lob al lobab” (Crème de la crème)
10- The light of the Quran (4 volumes)
Allameh Tehrani passed away in 1995 in Mashhad.


The book structure


The book is compiled in 3 volumes. The following subjects are considered in the book:

- God exists anywhere in the universe

- Meeting with God

- Meeting with God through knowing Him

- The way of Creation of the universe

- The relation between precedence (Qadim) and creation (Hadet)

- The relation of creatures with Divine Essence

- Intrinsic monotheism

The 1st volume:

1- Commentary of the koranic verse: “Anyone who is expecting to meet his Lord should act honorably and associate anyone in the worship due his Lord.” (18/the sura “cave” /110)

2- Commentary of the koranic verse: “God is the Light of Heaven and Earth (24. The sura Light/ 35)

3- The Ascension of the prophet

4- The other koranic verses and Hadiths on monotheism

The 2nd volume:

1- on Divine Existence

2- The perfect and thorough monotheism is the only straight path towards God

3- The reciprocal love of God and creatures

4- The conception of the holy expression “there is no deity except Him (God)”

The 3rd volume

1- Commentary of the sura “competition” (Takathor /102)

2- The true conception of unity of existence

3- Deviation of the sect “ sheikhiya” ( name of dissenting Shiite theologians in Iran, followers of “ Sheikh Ahmad  Ahsaee”(d.1826), According to this  sect , the twelve Imam are the effective  cause of creation , all acts of the  divinity being produced by them).






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