Anis Al-Aläm Fi Nosrat Al-Islam and Al-Rad Alä Al-Nasära

It is a “theological”(kalämi) book and in Persian. This book is an explanation of author’s argumentations about Islam superiority over the other religions, its legitimacy among religions and an adducing to the Quran verses about prediction the advent of Islam prophet (p.b.u.h.).

The author’s brief biography:
Mirza Mohammad Sadegh Fakhr Al-Islam or Jadid Al-Islam urmi (former Rezaiyeh in Azerbaijan) his father is one of the inhabitants of former Rezaiyeh (urmia) in Azerbaijan – ####Iran. He was born in Christian family and got part of the Nestorian church clergymen school. After educating, he got one of their scholars and priests. After researching about the religion reality and the Divine infinite achievements, he succeeded to accept the Islam sacred religion and in the presence of the Late Haj Mirza Hassan Mojtahed, converted to Islam religion and accepted the religion of Imamiyya shiism. The author wrote this book by the order and name of Iran’s king “Naser Al-Din Shah Qajar and on behalf of him called “Fakhr Al-Islam” and was named Mohammad Sadegh. Fakhr Al-Islam succeeded to write about proving the legitimacy of Islam and Quran, rejecting the “Christians” (Nazarenes) and left works behind himself. He died about 1912 A.D.(1330A,H.).

Printing and publishing:
This book was printed in 2 volumes in Iran in 1875A.D.(1291A.H.) and then was published in 6 volumes by correction and glosses of Seyyed Abdol Rahim Khalkhali in 1972A.D.(1351S.H.).

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