Bani Abd-e Manaf

Muqayra Ibn Qasi Ibn Kalab, known as Bani Abd-e Mnaf, was the Prophet’s third ancestor. He had five sons called: Amr (Hashem), Abu Ubayd, Mutalleb, Abd-e Shmas and Abu Amr. Bani Abd-e Manaf and Bani Umayyah Ibn Abd-e Shams are the most famous branches of Bano Abd-e Manaf and Quraysh. Bani Abd-e Manaf had several authorities in Mecca; they established a commercial path and made a contract with the countries around the Arabia Peninsula, such as: Syria and Iraq, in order to make free ####trade.

Bani Abd-e Mnaf and Islam
After the advent of Islam, Bani Abd-e Manaf divided into two groups: opponents and allies, Bani Hashem (except Abu Lahab) and Bani Abdul Mutalleb (although some of them had not yet embraced Islam), supported the Prophet, and attended the battles of the Prophet.

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