The virtues of Islam

The great work “The virtues of Islam” ( al- Aalam  Bi Manaqib al Islam) is a book  on two basic philosophical problems  “ unity between the wise and the intellectual”  and “correspondence  between intellect and religion” . Written by the philosopher “ Abul Hasan  Ameri  Neishabouri” intending superiority of Islam to other religions and also responding to the doubts related to.
According to the author, “the true religion” is the one which is revealed from Divine source: “The explicit intellect” refers to the one which is devoid of doubt (about Islamic teachings).
According to “Amari” Islamic teaching could not be achieved unless by the help of both “Revelation” and “intellect”.
The author confirms the harmony between philosophy and religion he also highly emphasizes on the intellectual aspect of religious commandments. “Ameri” considers the influential role of Prophetic traditions (Hadith) in comprehension of Islamic tenets.
At the end of the book, the author rejects the misgivings expressed about Islam, and responds to them.

The author

Abul Hasan Muhammad Ameri Neishabouri great Persian philosopher,   mystic and logician in the 10th century. He was born in Neishabour – Iran.
He travelled to Balkh and studied philosophy in the presence of
“Abu Zayd Balkhi”, and then he continued his studies under the great philosopher and historian (932-1030).
Ameri passed away at the age of 81.


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