Creation of man and the universe

In most of the koranic verses creation of the whole universe as well as that of man are greatly mentioned, some of the verses as follows:

1- Have they not considered that God, who created Heaven and Earth, has not been worn out through creating them since [He is] Able to revive even the deed? Indeed He is capable of everything! (46:33)

2- He is the one who stars out with creation, and then He performs it all over again. It is quite simple for Him [to do]. He sets the supreme.

Example, in Heaven and Earth, He is the powerful, the wise! (30:27)

3- To create Heaven and Earth is grater then creating mankind, though most men do not realize it. (40:57)

4-Deviser of Heaven and Earth, whenever He decrees some affair, He merely tells it, “Be”! and, it is .(2:117)


Sources :

  1. al-Mizan (Allameh Tabatabai)

  2. The Quran English translation (T.B. Irving)