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Ayatollah Hossein Tabatabaei Qomi, great Shia leader in the reign of Reza khan, was born in 1865 in Qom. First he studied primary education (inflection & syntax and logic) in Qom, then travelled to Tehran to complete his education. He also went to Samarra –Iraq and attended classes of "Mirza Hasan Shirazi" (Great Mirza). In Tehran he studied in the presence of great scholars: Ali Modarres, Ali Nouri and Abul Hasan Kermanshahi. In 1903, went to Samarra and continued in the presence of "Mirza Taqi Shirazi". Mirza considered him as a prominent scholar and sent him #### to Mashhad to be the leader of people and guide them. In Mashhad he became th esupervisor of "Mashhad Hawzeh". In 1933, his book "Marj'a al –Masael" (on Islamioc religious commandments) was published and he became the Marja' of people (the great religious leader). Ayatollah Qomi was against Reza khan's activities, such as: "rvealing hijab" (At that time women were not allowed to wear chador). In 1935 he was banished to Karbala, at that time Karbala Hawzeh was not as effective as before, therefore Ayatollah Qomi gathered some of the great scholars in order to teach and develop the Hawzeh. May students were educated under them.

His students in Karbala:
1- Sheikh Ali Sarabi
2- Seyyed Zain al –Abedin Haeri
3- Sheikh Hai Haeri Shirazi
4- Sheikh Hossein Sedqi
5- Sheikh Reza Isafahani

Some of his students in Mashhad:
1- Mirza Hasan Bojnourdi
2- Mirza Mahdi Hakim
3- Mirza Ahmad Modarres
4- Sheikh Hasan Ali Rashed
5- Sheikh Hashem Qazvini
6- Shikh Kazem Damqani , etc.

His masters in Najaf:
1) Mirza Habib Allah Rashti
2) Reza Hamedani
3) mullah Ali Nhavandi
4) Seyyed Ahmad Karbalaee
5) Sheikh kazem Khorasani
6) Sheikh Kazem Yazdi

The following are his prominent works on jurisprudence:
1) Gloss on the book "Orvatul Wothqa"
2) Gloss on the book "inheritance and alimony"
3) Gloss on correctness of transaction
4) Rites of haj
5) Way of salvation
6) The chosen commandments , etc.
Ayatollah Qomi died in 1946.


Ayan al –Shia - vol.9

Fawayed al –Razawiya


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