Saied Ibn Mosayyeb Makhzumi

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Saied Ibn Mosayyeb Makhzumi Qoreishi, prominent scholar and jurisconsult in the time of "Mu'awiyeh" (Ommaid caliph) and one of the pioneers of reading the Quran (Qara'at) in Medina. He was born 4 years after caliphate of "Omar" (from Sunni point of view, Omar is the 2 nd successor of the Prophet). Mosayyeb was one of the great narrators of Hadiths. He narrated Hadiths of the Prophet and Imam Ali (p.b.u.h). He had a close relationship with Imam Ali (the first Shi'a Imam) and also was one of the companioons of Imam Hossein (the 3 rd #### Sh'ia Imam). Imam Hossein (p,b.u.h) said about him: "he is the wisest person because of having prior works and great undersatnding". He was against Mu'awiyeh and Yzid (Ommaid caliphs). Historian "Ibn Hajr Asqalani", has classified narrators of Hadiths and traditionists into 12 categories and has considered "Saied Ibn Mosayyeb" in the 2 nd category. "Allameh Shushtari" wrote about him: "he is a great man and one of God's saints". He was one of the close comoanions of "Imam Sajjad" (the 4 th Shi'a Imam). Saied Ibn Mosayyeb died in 712 at the age of 84.


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