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Seyyed Muhammmad Baqer Shafti Rashti, Iranian Shi'a jurisconsult, scholar, literary man and author, was born in 1761. First he studied under his father who was a great scholar. Then in 1777 travelled to Iraq. In Karbal he studied in the presence of great masters and then went to Najaf to complete his education. He met "Ibrahim Lalbasi" (great jurisconsult) and spent most of his time with him. Shafti led a poor life in Njaf and Karbala. In 1879 he went to Kadhimain to study in the presence of prominent scholars: "Seyyed Mohsen A'raji". In 1790 he #### returned to Iran.

1) Muhammad Baqer Bebahani / Vahid Behbahani
2) Seyyed Ali Tabatabaei
3)Seyyed Mahdi Bahrul Olum
4) Sheikh Jafar Najafi
5) Seyyed Mohsen A'raji

He also travelled to Qom and studied under "Mirza Abul Qasem Qomi" then went to Kashan and studied in the presence of "mullah Mahdi Naraqi". In 1803 he went to Isfahan and started teaching. He trained great students.
In 1829 he built a great mosque in this city.

Shafti wrote many books and also had a great and valuable library.
1- Over 30 Arabic treatises on biography of great Shia scholars.
2- Tofatul Abrar (Present of good men)
3- Tohfatul Abrar (in Persian, on jurisprudence)
4- Bright blossom (in Arabi, on methodology)
5- Explanation of the book "Religions of Islam" (written by Allameh Helli)
6- The quality of "midnight prayer" and its good points
7- Treatises on derivation / the doubts and oversight in prayers and many other works.

Celebrated students:
1) Sheikh Mahdi Karbasi
2) Ibrahim Qazvini
3) Seyyed Muhammad Baqer Khansari
4) Abul Qasem Kashani
5) Mirza Muhammad Tonekaboni
6) mullah Saleh Qazvini
7) Safar Ali Lahiji

Seyyed Muhammad Baqer Shafti died in 1843 and was buried in the mosque that he was built in Isfahan.


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