Shams al-Din Muhammad Ibn Makki

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Muhammad Ibn Makki, known as "the first martyr", prominent Shia Lebanese jurisconsult, was born in 1334. He was student of Allameh Helli's students. His father and ancestors were all great scholars and jurisconsults. His wife, three sons and daughter were all prominent scholars and jurisconsults:
1- sheikh Razi Abu Taleb Makki.
2- Zia al –Din Abu Qasem Makki
3- Jamal al –Din Abu Mansour Makki
4- His daughter (Fatemeh) ####
His masters:
Shams al –Din had many masters:
1) Fakhr al –Muhaqeqin (son of Allameh Helli. Makki studied over 7 months under him, he was allowed to quote all the works of Allameh Helli).
2) Seyyed Amid al –Din Helli
3) Seyyed Zia al –Din Helli
4) Seyyed Taj al –Din Hosseini
5) Seyyed Alaa al –Din Hosseini
6) Sheikh Ali Matar abaadi
7) Sheikh Razi al –Din Mazidi
8) Sheikh Jalal al –Din Harethi
9) Sheikh Muhammad Mashhadi
10) Sheikh Qotb al –Din Razi , etc.

Many significant students were educated in the presence of him, his three sons, wife and daughter all were his students. The following are some of his students:
1- Sheikh Meqdad Siyuri
2- Sheikh Hasan Ibn Solayman Helli
3- Seyyed Najm al –Din A'raj al-Hosseini
4- Abdul Aal Karki Amoli
5- Sheikh Zain al –Din Haeri

Makki wrote many prominent and valuable books which show that he was profoundly expert at different fields of Islamic sciences. There have been written many glosses and explanations on his books by jurisconsults.
1) Ekhtesar al –Ja'far
2) The forty Hadiths
3) The forty questiions
4) Beliefs
5) Thousands notes on prayer
6) Explanation in jurisprudence
7) al baqyat al Salehat (doing good things in this world which its effects remain after death. i.e. writing a useful book, good deeds ,etc.)
8) Taklif (Duty)
9) Gloss on "Qawaed" (Rules)
10) Gloss on "explanation of guidance" (writtten by Allameh Helli)
11) Lessons on Imamate
12) al –Zekri
13) Lom'eh (his most famous book and an important text-book in Hawzehs. He wrote this book in prison where he was killed and 2 centuries later, a great jurisconsult explained it and he was also martyred and was known as "th second martyr" )
14) Shrine
15) Questions (Masael. Known as Ibn Makki's questions)
16) Notes of guidance , etc.

In 1386, by the order of a "Mlikites" jurisconsult and with the help of a "Shafiites" jurisconsult; Shams al –Din was martyred. [malikites and Shafiites are Sunni sects].


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