Sheikh Muhammad Javad Jazayeri

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Muhammad Javad Jazayeri, Shia Iraqi literary man and jurisconsult, was born in 1880 in Najaf. He was brought up in Najaf and started his education in the presence of great scholars: "Muhammad Kazem Khorasani", "Abdul Hadi Shalileh Baghdadi", "Zia al –Din Iraqi", "Sheikh Ali Rafish", "Seyyed Abul Hasan Isfahani" and "Seyyed Majd Firooz Abaadi". Jazayeri had also political activities. In 1918, in the first world war, when England occupied Iraq, Jazayeri established a secret association in order to fight against foreigns in the secret. "Seyyed Muhammad Ali #### Bahrul Olum" (great scholar), helped him so much; also many youth and prominent political leaders joined them. They attacked England army base in Najaf and killed the military commander and some of his companions. Najaf was besieged for 40 days. Eventually occupiers conquered over people. They arrested the leaders of revolution and 12 were sentenced to death, Jazayeri was also one of these 12 but he was not executed and just sentenced to life imprisonment. He was exiled and imprisoned for 22 months. In 1921, there was revolution throughout Iraq; Jazayeri again participated in the revolution, but the English forced him to leave his country, therefore he went to Iran. When general amnesty was granted in Iraq, he returned to Iraq. In 1947 Jazayeri went to Syria; he wrote many poems on praising this country.

1- Opinions and commandment
2- Saving human from predestination and force
3- Philosophy of Imam Sadeq (the 6th Imam of Shias)
4- A book on talismans of "Ilya Abu Mazi"


Shia encyclopedia -vol.5


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