Abul Hasan Susanjerdi

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Abul Hasan Muhammad Ibn Beshr, known as “Hamduni”, Shi’a theologian and scholar in the 9th century. He was from the House of Hamdanid (name of two minor dynasties whose members ruled as amirs in Mosul and Aleppo). Susanjerdi was one of the significant student of “Abu Sahl Nowbakhti”. He had also relationship with “Abul Qasem Balkhi Ka’bi” (theologian). The following are the Twelver Shi’a scholars who were contemporary with him and the other students of Abu Sahl Nowbakhti:
Abu Ali Hossein Ibn Qasem Kowkabi #### Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Yahya Souli
Abul Jeysh Muzaffar Balkhi
Abul Haasn Ali Ibn Abdullah Nashi

Some of his works:
al-Muqne (Convincing on Imamate)
al-Infaz (Performance on Imamate)


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