Mullah Abdullah Yazdi

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Mullah Abdulah Yazdi, known as “Saheb Hashiyeh” (author of the gloss), one of the greatest scholars in the 10th century. His gloss is known as “Gloss of Mullah Abdullah”, which was originally extracted from the book “Tahzib al-Manteq” (Edifying logic, written by Taftazani). Mullah Abdullah was contemporary with the scholar “Sheikh Muqaddas Ardebili”. The following are some of his masters:
Muhaqeq (scholar) Misi
Muhaqeq (scholar) Saani ####
Sheikh Jazayeri
Sheikh Ibrahim Qatifi

1- Explanation of rules (on jurisprudence)
2- Explanation of Tahzib (Edification of logic)
3- Explanation of Istebsar
4- Explanation of Shamsiyya ,etc.

“Sheikh Bahaei” was one of the students of Mullah Abdullah. Mullah Abdullah Yazdi died in 1573 in Iraq.



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