Abu Jafar Muhammad Ibn Jarir Tabari

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Abu Jafar Muhammad Ibn Jarir Tabari, great Sunni Arab historian and commentator and traditionist (839 – 923) in Amul – Iran.
It is said that he knew the Quran by heart at the age of 7. He was known as “Imam of historians” and “Father of traditionists”. He visited Rey, Baghdad, Basra, Kufa, Egypt and Syria. His main subjects werhistorym Muslim law, recitation, exegesis of the Quran, poetry, lexicography, grammar, ethics, mathematics and medicine. ####
His masters:
1- Muhammad Ibn Hamid Razi (in Hadith)
2- Muhammad Ibn Musa Harshi
3- Ammar Ibn Musa Qazar
4- Muhammad Ibn Abdul Aali Sana’ni
5- Beshr Ibn Ma’az
6- Ahmad Ibn Yusuf Taqlabi (in Quranic sciences)

He belonged to the Shiafi’I school of law but then founded a school of his own, known as “Jaririyya” which differed from Shafi’I school less in principles than in practice.

1- Quranic exegesis (known as Tabari exegesis)
2- History of prophets and kings (known as Tabari History) one of the oldest general histories in the world, containing history of the world and history of Islam. General history from creating the world up to 915.
3- On Islamic laws
4- Dispute between scholars
5- On signs of religion
6- On jurisprudence
7- Rites of haj, etc.


Shia encyclopedia -vol. 10


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