Aktham Ibn Seyfi

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Aktham Ibn Seyfi, great Arab scholar in Jahiliyyah (Arabic term which refers to the state of affairs in Arabia before the mission of the Prophet. In general it has the connotation of ignorance and paganism). He was from the tribe “Bani Tamim”. There is not much information about his life. Aktham Ibn Seyfi was a very knowledgeable person. Ibn Abi al-Hadid (Sunni scholar) knew him as the most learned person in his own time. His knowledge was in the same level as “Luqman” (legendary hero and sage of pre-Islamic Arabia). He was a monotheist, when the Holy #### Prophet called people to Islam in Mecca, Aktham Ibn Seyfi with some people of his tribe “Bani Tamim” travelled to Medina to embrace Islam, but in the middle of travel he died but his family went to Medina and became Muslim. His sensible teachings and speeches had a cosiderable influence on early Muslims. Aktham Ibn Seyfi died in 630.


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