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In Hebrew language, Gabriel means “man of God”. It is also called Jabra’il and Jibril. It is one of the four archangels and the highest angel. Gabriel is the communicator between God aand prophets. It is also called: The angel of revelation, The first intellect, The great spirit, etc. It has been written a lot about the role of Gabriel in Islam, Christianity and Jewish religions.
Gabriel saved Abraham (prophet) from fire, supprted Moses (prophet) in fighting against Pharaoh (king of Egypt), taught David (prophet) to make armour, taught #### interpretation of dreams to Daniel (prophet). It gave glad news to Zacharias (prophet) about birth of his son “John” (prophete) and gave glad tidings to Mary (mother of Jesus) about birth of Jesus (prophet). The Quran was also descended by Gabriel. On the night of the ascention, it was in company with the the Prophet (Muhammad). According to some traditions, Gabriel was descended 50 times upon Abraham, 400 times upon Moses, 10 times upon Jesus and 24000 times upon the Holy Prophet. Sheikh Mufid described the archangal Gabriel: It is tall and has a white forehead, black eyes and four green wings with studed pearls.


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