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Ibn Ash’ath Muhammad Ibn Muhammad Kufi Mesri (Abu Ali), celebrated Shia traditionist and jurisconsult in the 9th and 10th century. There is not much information about his life. It is just known that, he was Kufi (Kufa – Iraq) and lived in Egypt. His most famous work is the book “Ja’fariyat” or “Ash’athiyat”, containing 1000 Hadiths which are attributed to “Ismail Ibn Musa Ibn Jafar” who lived in Egypt. Ibn Ash’ath has quoted the Hadiths from Musa Ibn Ismail. He has also quoted other works on “interpretation of the Quran” and “rules of prayer” from #### Musa Ibn Ismail. The book “Haj” is also attributed to him; it is a collection of narrations of Sunni scholars on haj. “Abul Hasan Musa Ibn Ismail” waas the only master of Ibn Ash’ath. The following are some of the persons who have quoted (Hadiths) from Ibn Ash’ath:
Muhammad Ibn Sahl Dibaji
Abu Muhammad Haroon Ibn Musa
Abul Muzaffar Sheybani
Ali Ibn Jafar Hammad
Abu Muhammad Abdullah (Ibn Saqa’)
Abdullah Ibn Ahmad Oday


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