Isaac Ibn Ibrahim Mas abi

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Isaac Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Hossein Mas’abi, head of policeman in Baghdad in reign of the Abbasid caliphs: Ma’mun, Mu’tasem, Waseq and Mutawakkel. He was nephew of “Taher Ibn Hossein” (founder of Tahirid dynasty in Khurasan 821 – 873). In reign of Mu’tasem, an Iranian person “Babak Khurram Din” made a religion by himself which captured all parts of Azerbaijan, Armenia and some parts of Iraq. Mu’tasem sent Isaac to fight against Babak, but he was not successful, therefore the caliph sent “Afshin” with army to help him. This time forty thousands #### Babaki army were killed, also Babak Khurram Din was imprisoned and then hanged. Isaac Ibn Ibrahim died in 849.


Ayan al-Shia


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