Seyyed Hashem Bahrani

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Hashem Ibn Sulayman Bahraini, known as Allameh Bahraini, great Shia scholar in the last 17th century. He was a prominent traditionist and jurisconsult. Bahrani was well versed in Arabic literature, Hadith, Quranic exegesis and jurisprudence & methodology (Osul). Allameh Bahrani studied in the presence of great scholars: Sheikh Bahaei and Fakhr al-Din Tarihi. Allameh Khansari said about him: “Seyyed Hashem Bhrani was a perfect scholar and traditionist; only Allameh Mjlesi had the same position as him”. ####
1- Borhan “Logical reason” (on exegesis)
2- Guide and light (on exegesis)
3- On virtues of Imam Hossein (p.b.u.h)
4- Salasel-e Hadid “Chains of Hadid” (on peak of eloquence of Ibn Abi al-Hadid)
5- On superiority of the Imams over early prophets
6- On virtues of the Twelve Imams (peace be upon them)
7- Virtues of Shias
8- On proving caliphate
9- Paradise and hell
10- Garden of preachers
11- Garden of theosophists
12- Qayat al-Maram “End of aim” (on virtues of Imam Ali)

Seyyed Hashem Bahrani died in 1696 in Bahrain.



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