Abdul Baset

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Abdul Baset Muhammad Abd al-Samad, celebrated Egyptian reader of the Quran, was born in 1927. His grandfather was a great scholar and his father was a teacher of the Quran. Abdul Baset learning the Quran at the age of 6. He knew the Quran by heart at 10. He studied Quranic sciences in the presence of prominent master “Muhamamd Salim” and soon became one of the most expert readers of the Quran among the great readers of the Quran in Egypt. In 1951, was invited to the radio to perform reading the Quran; many people #### welcomed his programme. Abdul Baset started travelling to different countries since 1952 and was welcomed by the governors and people of the countries he went to. He travelled to Pakistan, Indonesia, India and also many non-Islamic countries. He raed the Quran in most of the famous mosques such as: al-Haram mosque (in Mecca), the Prophet;s mosque (in Medina), al-Aqsa mosque (in Jerusalem), Ibrahimi mosque (in Palestine), Umawi mosque (in Damascus) and also other famous mosques in Asia, Africa, United States, France, London, India and many other countries. He died on the 30th of November 1988 as the result of severe diabetes, many Muslims from different countries attended his funeral mass.





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