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Abu Ali Muhammad Jubaei, famous Mu’tazili theologian in the 9th century, was born in 850, Khuzestan – Iran. Mu’tazila (name of a religious movement founded at Basra by Wasel Ibn Ata, subsecuently becoming one of the most important theological schools of Islam). He studied theology under “Abu Yaqub Yusuf Shaham” (the head of Mu’tazila in Basra), then travelled to Baghdad and became the head of group of Mu’tazilis of Basra and Baghdad. His ideas were refuted by Abul Hasan Ash’ari, who had been his pupil. His son Abu Hashem, d. 933, was one of the #### very last Mu’tazilis to exercise a direct influence on Sunni thought. His daughter also propagated Mu’tazili thoughts among women.

There are not left much of his various books he wrote, the following are some of them:
1- Ijtehad (exegesis of divine law on matters of theology and law)
2- Determination
3- The names and attributes
4- The better (Asla’h)
5- The principles (Osul)
6- Imamate
7- Human
8- What is laid down by religious laws
9- Denying and Proving, etc.
He also wrote the Quranic exegesis which was one of the most important exegeses of Mu’tazilis.

Jubaei also wrote some critiques:
1- Critique of Abi Hossein Khayyat’s works
2- Critique of Abi Hazil’s works
3- Critique of Abul Hasan Ash’ari
4- Critique of one of the works of Rawandi and many other critiques.

The students:
1- Abu Hashem (his son)
2- Abul Hasan Ash’ari
3- Abdullah Ibn Abbas Ramhurmouzi
4- Abu Ali Baheli
5- Abul Qasem Ali Tanukhi
6- Abul Qasem Hareth Warraq
7- Abul Fazl Kashshi
8- Abul Fazl Fajandi
9- Abu Bakr Tustari
10- Abul Hasan Isfarayeni and many other students.

Abu Ali Jubaei died in 915.


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