Abul Khair Hasan Ibn Sawar

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Abul Khair Hasan Ibn Sawar, known as “Ibn Khammar”, Christian physician, philosopher and translator (from Syriac into Arabic), was born in 943, Baghdad – Iran. He studied philosphy in the presence of “Yahya Ibn Uday Manteqi”. Celebrated historian “Ibn Nadim” , knew him as a significant philosopher and Abu Hayyan Tawhidi (man of letters and philosopher) quote some of his philosophical views.
His contemporary scholars:
Ibn Zarqa’ , Abu Ali Manteqi, Abu Sulayman Manteqi, Abul #### Qasem Isa Jarrah and Ibn Nadim. He had also relationship with some of the famous scholars: Abu Reyhan Biruni, Abu Sahl Masihi and Avicenna. Avicenna praised him as a great man and scholar. Ibn Khammar became Muslim in his old age and started learning jurisprudence and the Quran. He was fully versed in medicine, this is the reaso why he was known as “The second Hippocrates”. He was also a prominent translator.

The following are some of his works on medicine:
1- The examination of physicians
2- Diabetes
3- Imagination
4- Creation of man and combination of his organs
5- Epilepsy, etc.

His other works on logic, philosophy, theology and ethics:
1- Chaos
2- Isaquj exegesis (expanded)
3- Isaquj exegesis (brief)
4- The agreement between the views of philosophers and Christians’
5- The companion (on logic)
6- Translation of Taufersetis (from Syriac), etc.

It is said that he had a long life, died before 1030.


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