Ali Ibn Abbas Ahwazi

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Ali Ibn Abbas Ahwazi, celebrated Iranian physician, born in Ahwaz, known as “Ala al-Din”. There is not much information on his life. He lived in the time of the king of Daylami dynasty “Azud al-Dawleh”. It is said that, he studied the common sciences in the presence of Abu Maher Musa Ibn Sayyar in Shiraz and then studied ancient medical works on his own. Then became a the court physician. Ahwazi was profoundly versed at medicine, wrote a great medical encyclopedia “Kamel al-Sanaeh” and registered in the name of the king, Azud al-Dawleh. It is #### one of the most prominent medical books aqnd it is said that it was preferable to “the Qanun of Medicine” (written by Avicenna), because Ahwazi was fully informed about psychiatry and has noticed before Avicenna. In the 19th century Europeans translated some sections of this encyclopedia. There is also another medical book of him include 3 sections: Hygiene, Diseases and Surgeries; is attributed to him.


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