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Seyyed Ali Muhammad Shirazi, known as “Bab”, born in 1813 in Shiraz – Iran. He was the head of the two sects “Babism” (name of the religion founded in 1848, the Babis openly declared their total secession from Islam) and Bahai (name of the religion, it is opposed to dogma, but nevertheless teaches theological, philosophical and social doctorines and has its own forms of worship. The adminstration center is in Haifa). He travelled to Karbala – Iraq and studied in the presence of “Seyyed Kazem Rashti” and then visited “Kinyaz Dalgurki” (the secretary #### of Russian Embassy) who had recently embraced Islam. It seems, Bab was affected by his thoughts and beliefs. At the age of 25, he pretended that he was Imam Zaman (the 12th Imam of Shias) and gratually founded a religion. In 1844, he started inviting people to his religion. At first the group “Sheikhi” believed the religion and supported Bab. Sheikhi [name of dissenting Shia theologians in Iran, followers of Sheikh Ahmad Ihsaei (d. 1826). The sect was founded by Seyyed Kazem Rashti. According to them , the twelve Imams are the effective cause of creation, all the acts of the divinity being produced by them. Their doctorines prepared the way for Bab]. “Zarin Taj” (an educated woman) was also one of supporters of Bab and another person called “Mullah Hossein Bushruyeh”, immediately believed in Bab, therefore Bab sent him to Khursan to invite people to Babism. Then he went to Mecca, many people believed in his religion but there were disturbances in most of the cities, therefore when he returned to Iran, was arrested. He claimed that his religion abrogated Islam and his writings were divine revelation and more accurate and eloquent then the Quran. But he could not prove, therefore was imprisoned by order of Shiraz’s governor. In reign of Naser al-Din shah (one of the kings of Qajar dynasty), again he invited people to Babism. Bab revolted in: Khurasan, Zanjan, Mazandaran, Fars and some other cities. The government fought agaist them, some of them were imprisoned or killed. Bab and his friend “Muhammad Ali Zanuri” were hanged in 1850 in Tabriz.


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