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Seyyed Gholam Reza Saeidi, contemporary author and translator of religious books, was born in Birjand – Iran. Saeidi was proficient in Arabic, English and Urdu languages. In 1942 went to Tehran and published the magazine “Light of Science” with the help of “Doctor Seyyed Jafar Shahidi”. He travelled to Pakistan and India and became familiar with the ideas of “Muhammad Iqbal Lahori” and then started propagating his beliefs to revive religious beliefs in Iran. He stablished the organization “Union of Iranian Muslims” in 1946, in order to arrange the #### cultural situation, fight aginst irreligion and religious superstitions, teach religious teachings and also perform Islamic rules in Iran.

1- On knowledge of “Iqbal Lahori”
2- Ammar Yaser (the Prophet’s company)
3- The worldwide charter of Islam
4- Translation of “The scientific miracles of the Quran” (Written by Abdul Aziz Ismail Pasha)
5- Tramslation of “Training in view of the Quran” (written by Muhammad Fazl al-Jamali)
6- Translation of “The Quran as a programme for human life” ,etc.

Saedi died in 1988.


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