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Abu Muhammad Sulayman Ibn Mehran, known as “A’mash Kufi”, celebrated Kufi reader of the Quran, traditionist and jurisconsult, was born in 680 / 681 in Kufa – Iraq. He was well-versed at Quranic sciences and Hadith. A’mash was one of the best companions of Imam Sadeq “p.b.u.h” (the 6th Imam of Shias). He started learning the Quran and Prophetic Hadiths since his youth. Was trained in the presence of Malek Ibn Anas and Ibn Abi Ufi. He also visited the scholars: Abu Wael Shaqiq, Zarin Jeysh, Zeyd Ibn Wahab, Kumail Ibn Ziyad and Abdul Rahman Ibn Abi #### Leili. One of his first masters (in reading the Quran) was the celebrated Kufi reader “Yahya Ibn Wathab”, then continued his studies in the presence of the most significant reader in Kufa “Ibrahim Nakhaei”. A’mash was a Shi’i scholar, therefore many Hadiths on virtues of Imam Ali “p.b.u.h”, have been narrated by him. He was famous for Hadith, reading the Quran and jurisprudence. A’mash was one of the most important traditionists of Kufa and narrated 1300 to 4000 Hadiths. His jurisprudence was based on Kufi teachings. He refused to write books, therefore there are noleft any writings of him. Sulayman A’mash died in 765.


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