Ali Asghar Hekmat

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Ali Asghar Hekmat, contemporary Iranian author, poet, translator and man of letters; born in 1894, Shiraz. Studied Persian and Arabic literature, mathematics and natural sciences in Shiraz, then went to Tehran and was the first chancellor of Tehran university. He travelled to Europe to complete his studies. Hekmat wrote and translated many books which show his proficiency in English and French. The following list are some of his works:
1- Biography of Jami (great Persian poet and mystic; 1414#### – 1492)
2- Five stories from Shakespeare
3- The examples of the Quran
4- From Sa’di (one of the greatest Persian poets; 1184 – 1283, born in Shiraz) to Jami
5- Translation of “Amin nad Ma’moun”
6- Translation of “the Islamic narrations” (written by Jurji Zaydan)
7- Translation of “Discovering the secrets” (written by Meybodi)
8- Translation of “The path of life” (written by Nicholas Haddad)
9- Translation of the third volume of “history of Iranian literature (written by professor Edward Brown)
10- Translation of “Resurrection” (written by Leo Tolstoy)

He also built: Iranian academy, The national library, The museum anthropology, The museum ancient Iran, The museum Astan-e Qods (Imam Reza holy shrine, Mashhad) and The museum Hazrat-e Ma’soumeh (in Qom).



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