Abul Hasan Nasr Samani

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Abul Hasan Nasr, titled “Abu Saeid” and “Abu Nasr”, the third and the most famous Samanid king (Persian dynasty), born in 906; his fatther “Ahmad Ibn Ismail Samani” and his ancestors were all educated. Abu Nasr was interested in literature and poetry and made the effort to develop Persian language and literature. Was also interested in “Abu Abdullah Jafar Rudaki” (one of the great Iranian poets; d. 940. He was a master of the panegyric poetry, excelled in bacchic poetry, and was remarkable for his original similes and his descriptions of #### nature). When his brothers were imprisoned in Bukhara, with the help of “Abu Bakr Khabbaz” and some of Alawites, Daylamites and Ismailis (the Persian dynasties) all revolted and conquered Bukhara. Abu Bakr Muhammad Chaqati, was appointed as the governor of Khurasan. It is said that, Abu Nasr joined to Ismailis, in the last years of his kingship; it caused him to be dethroned by the Turkish amirs, therefore he withdrew from kingship and his son “Nuh Samani” (amir of Khurasan and Transoxiana; ruled. 943 – 954) became the king. Abu Nasr ruled for 33 years. He died at the age of 38 as a result of tuberculosis.


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