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Abu Mansur Sabuktigin (ca 942 - August 997), is generally regarded by historians as the founder of the Ghaznavid Empire and dynasty centered in modern day Afghanistan in the city of Ghazni. The empire extended throughout parts of Iran, Pakistan, and Central Asia. Sebuk tigin was the son-in-law of Alptigin who actually seized Ghazni in a political fallout for the throne of the Samanids. Sabuktigin enlarged upon Alptigin's conquests, extending his domain north to Balkh, west to Kandahar including most of Khorasan, and east to the Indus River. Sabuktigin was ####recognized by the Caliph in Baghdad as governor of his dominions. He grew up in the court circles of Alptigin and was conferred the titles of “Chief of the Noble”, and “Representative”. He was then heavily involved in the defence of Ghaznis independence for the next 15 years until Alptigins death as his general. In 994 he was involved in aiding Nuh II of the Samanids against internal uprisings and defeated the rebels at Balkh and then to Nishapur, thereby earning for himself the title of "Hero of the Faith". Sultan Sabuktegin grew sick in Balkh during his campaign and retired to Ghazni, and his body has been buried in Termez or Ghazni where he was succeeded by his son, Ismail. Sebüktegin is generally regarded as the architect of the Ghaznavid Empire.




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