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Abraha was a commander for the Axumite king Kaleb of Axum, who became the Aksumite Christian viceroy in southern Arabia, he was also known as 'Abraha al-Ashram or Abraha b. as-Saba'h. Some historians believe that records that Abraha was once the slave of a Roman merchant at Adulis, while others say that he was related to the Axumite royal family. Abraha is seen as then becoming a prominent figure in Yemen's history, promoting the cause of Christianity in the face of the prevalent Judaism and the paganism of Central Arabia. He is famous#### for his military expedition towards the close of his career against the Quraysh of Mecca in an invasion of Hejaz in 570, he perished, known as the Year of the Elephant. Abraha built a cathedral at San'a' known as " Qulays" (from the Greek Ekklesia) to rival the Kaaba at Mecca and specifically came with his forces of elephants to destroy the Kaaba. Abraha died after AD 553. He was succeeded on the throne by two of his sons, Yaksum and Masruq.




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