Amir Ibrahim Simjur

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Amir Ibrahim Simjur, the emir of Khurasan and the governor of Qohestan (district in Kerman – Iran) in Samanid era. His father “Abi Imran Simjur” was one of the slaves of Amir Ismail Samani (Samanid king), who then became the head of Simjurid dynasty. Amir Ibrahim Simjur was a scholar and man of letters. Little is known about the first years of his life. He was taught Hadith under: Abu Bakr Muhammd Ibn Isaac, Abul Abbas Muhammad Seraj, Muhammad Ansari, Abu Quraysh Muhammad Qohestani. After his father’s death, he ruled Simjurid dynasty in ####Qohestan; also in the reign of the two Samanid kings “Nasr Ibn Ahmad” and “Nuh Ibn Nasr”, the cities Heart, Nishapour, Gurgan, Bukhara and Marv were governed by him. About 936, by the order of Nasr Ibn Ahmad, went to Kerman in order to suppress the governor of Kerman “Abu Ali Muhammad Ibn Elyas”. In 940 the opponents of Nasr Ibn Ahmad revolted in Gurgan. They were suppressed by Abu Ali Chaqani (the commander of Khurasan army and the governor of Nishapour). Ibrahim Simjur was appointed as the governor of Hurgan. In 945 Abu Ali Chaqani was discharged from the government of Nishapour by Nuh Ibn Nasr, and Ibrahim Simjur was appointed as the governor of Nishapour. Amir Ibrahim Simjur died in 948.


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