Amir Mubarez al-Din

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Muhammad Ibn Amir Sharaf al-Din Muzaffar, born in 1319, was the founder of Muzaffarid dynasty (one of the successor dynasties; r. 1314-1393, which arose in Kerman, Fars and Jebal, following the disintegration of the Il-khanid empire). Amir Mubarez al-Din lost his father at 13, their properties were requisitioned by one of his father’s opponents, therefore he took refuge in the camp of “Uljeytu Khudabanda” (the eighth sultan of Ilkhans). Then he was respected by Il-khanids and appointed as the ruler of Meybod (town in Yazd-Iran). In Yazd, the ####bandits were suppressed and hundreds of them were killed by his order. After the death of Abu Saeid (the son and successor of Uljeytu), Kerman and Bam were occupied by Amir Mubarez al-Din. In Kerman, the Mongol tribes rebeled against him, so he continuously mobilized his army and fought against them, this is why he is known as “Amir-e Qazi” (The warrior Amir). He also fought against shah Abu Isaac (the ruler of Shiraz) and seized control of the city. In Isfahan there was displeasure with his two sons “shah Shoja’ “ and “shah Mahmud” , they arrested their father. When shah Shoja’ came to the throne, Amir Mubarez al-Din decidec to kill him; shah Shoja’ became aware of his father’s plan and imprisoned him in Bam castle. Mubarez al-Din died in the castle and was buried in Meybod. It is said that he was so abusive and hot-tempered.


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