The comprehensive mysteries

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The book “the comprehensive Mysteries” (Jame al- Asrar) is a mystical work written in Arabic by the great commentator and mystic in the 14th century, “Sayyed Heydar  Hosserini  Amoli”

The book concerns the comprehensive mysteries of prophets.

The author presents the mysteries of monotheism in the Koranic verses and based on the intellectual reasons.


The author

Seyyed Heidar Hosseini known as "Sufi", great theosophist, commentator and jurisconsult, born in 1320, in Amol –Iran.

From his childhood started learning sciences.
In 1350, he travelled to Najaf, Karbala and Baghdad and studied in the presence of great masters.

His significant outlook was on unity of Shi'a and Sufi; he believed that real Sufis are Shias and real Shias are Sufis.

 A treatise on interpretation of the Quran-
- A book on comprehension of the prophets' secrets and monotheism's secrets. (his most important work), etc.

He died in 1392.


The book structure


The book is composed in the following chapters:

1. Monotheism and the sorts

2. Superiority of monotheism

3. Definition of monotheism

4. Division of monotheism

5. The reality of monotheism based on the Koranic verses and Prophetic traditions

6. Mysteries of prophecy

7. Prophetic mission and patronage

8. Revelation and inspiration

9. General knowledge and true knowledge

The book was published in 1989.


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