Amir Ghiyath al-Din Dashtaki

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Ghuiyath al-Din Mansur (1462 – 1543), Shiraz, Iran; leading figure of Dashtakid dynasty in Shiraz. He was expert in philosophy and metaphysics. Dashtaki studied the common sciences of his time under his father and Sadr al-Din Muhammad Dashtaki. At the age of 20 finished his education. Amir Ghiyath al-Din was also known as “The master of human” and “The 11th intellect”. He was profoundly versed in most of the sciences of that time, such as: philosophy, mathematics, astronomy and Arabic and Persian literature. By 1530, was appointed the vizier#### of the Safavid Shah Tahmasp.

Some of his students:
1- Qotb al-Din Baghdadi
2- Musleh al- Din Laari
3- Fakhr al-Din Muhammad Samaaki
4- Sharaf Jahan Qazvini

His works cover around 60 books on various scientific subjects. The below are the most famous:
1- Mansuri Ethics
2- Commentary of the Sura (the Quran’s chapter) “Man”
3- Mashareq (The Easts)
4- Kafayat al-Hesab
5- Isharat and Talwihat (The hints and indications)
6- Illumination of the bodies of light, etc.


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