Mirza Abul Hasan Jelweh

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Mirza Abul Hasan Jelweh, celebrated philosopher of Indian origin (1822-1896) was born in Gujarat (constituent state on the northwestern coastline of India). First went to Isfahan and studied in the presence of great philosophers: Mirza Hasan Nuri, Mirza Hasan Chini, Muhammad Jafar Langarudi and Mullah Abdul Javad Tuni. Then went to Tehran and started teaching philosophy in Dar al-Shefa School for 41 years. Many students studied under him. He was a follower of Peripatetic Philosophy and criticized Mullah Sadra’s philosophy but respected ####Avicenna’s works and was proud of teaching his works.

His works are divided into three sections, including the Corrections of early philosophers, Glosses and Treatises:
1- Correction of Tamhid al-Qawaed (Arranging the rules)
2- Correction of Book of Healing (Avicenna’s work)
3- Correction of Masnavi Manavi (poetical work of Rumi)
4- Correction of Mesbah al-Uns
5- Gloos on Asfar (Mullah Sadra’s work)
6- Gloss on the explanation of Manzumeh (Mullah Hadi Sabzewari’s work)
7- Gloss on Guidance (Mullah Hadi’s work)
8- Gloss on Book of Healing
9- Gloss on the Beginning and Resurrection (Mullah Sadra’s work)
10- Gloss on Masnavi Ma’navi
11- Gloss on Masha’er (Mullah Sadra’s work)
12- Gloss on Mesbah al-Uns
13- Gloss on Fosus al-Hikam
14- Treatise on explaining the Way of Granting a prayer
15- Treatise on the Essential Movement (relating to substances)
16- Treatise on relationship between Temporality and Eternity
17- Treatise on Existense
18- Preface of Majmar (Tbatabaee’s Diwan)
19- Treatise on Combination and its rules
20- Gloss on Arranging the Rules
21- Gloss on al-Durrat al-Fakhirah (Valuable Pearl), etc.


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