Mirza Hasan Kermanshahi

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Mirza Hasan Kermanshahi, outstanding Persian philosopher, mathematician and expert at traditional medicine in the last 20th century. He was one of the greatest teachers in Sepahsalar School in Tehran, taught Mullah Sadra’s works and Canon of Medicine (Avicenna’s work). He explained the meanings of some of the Quranic verses for some of his students who had a high understanding. Also taught traditional medicine. In his private classes only the students who could understand the teacher well, could attend. Kermanshahi was ####contemporary with the philosopher Mirza Hashem Ishkewari. He was a virtuous man and had a poor life, but never accepted anyone’s help. Many students were trained in his presence. “Mirza Mahmud Ashtiyani” and “Mahdi Ashtiyani” were some of his students. Mirza Hasan Kermanshahi was pre-eminent among the philosophers of his day.

1- Muhammad Reza Qomsheiee
2- Ali Modarres Zanuzi
3- Filsuf al-Dawleh

He wrote a detailed gloss on Isharat (Avicenna’s work). Kermanshahi died in 1917.


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