Sheikh Mahmud Mufid Isfahani

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Sheikh Mahmud Mufid Isfahani, one of the greatest Persian philosophers in the 20th century (d. 1963). In Tehran he studied in the presence of Hasan Kermanshahi and in Isfahan under Mirza Mahdi Ashtiyani. After the death of great philosopher Mullah Kazem Khorasani, Sheikh Mufid and Sadr Kuhpaee followed his path in Isfahan; many students were trained in their presence.

His other masters:
1- Zia al-Din Durri
####2- Mullah Kazem Khorasani
3- Mullah Javad Adineiee
4- Seyyed Hasan Mushkan
5- Jahangir Khan Qashqaee
6- Mirza Seyyed Muhammad Hakim Bashi

His significant students:
1- Fazl Allah Zia Nur Isfahani
2- Mirza Hasan Tabandeh
3- Reza Ali Shah Gunabadi

Sheikh Mahmud Mufid was buried in Isfahan.


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