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Al- Borhan Exegesis is one of the Shiite Koranic exegeses, written in Arabic by pre- eminent scholar, traditionist, and commentator “Sayyed Hashern Bahrani”

In this Koranic exegesis, the author cites prophetic Hadiths, and explains the virtues of the Innocent ones.

He cites Hadiths and explains the relation between prophetic traditions and Korainc verses.


Bahrani gathered much information on the mysteries of the Koran mentioned in the old exegesis books, and presented in the Koranic exegesis book.  In this exegesis books   the commentary of the verses is done based on the Hadiths. 


The author

Hashem Ibn Sulayman Bahraini, known as Allameh Bahraini, great Shia scholar in the last 17th century. He was a prominent traditionist and jurisconsult.
Bahrani was well versed in Arabic literature, Hadith, Quranic exegesis and jurisprudence & methodology (Osul).
Allameh Bahrani studied in the presence of great scholars: Sheikh Bahaei and Fakhr al-Din Tarihi.
Allameh Khansari said about him: “Seyyed Hashem Bhrani was a perfect scholar and traditionist; only Allameh Mjlesi had the same position as him”.


1-    Borhan “Logical reason” (on exegesis)
2-    Guide and light (on exegesis)
3-    On virtues of Imam Hossein (p.b.u.h)
4-    Salasel-e Hadid “Chains of Hadid” (on peak of eloquence of Ibn Abi al-Hadid)

    5- On superiority of the Imams over early prophets
    6- On virtues of the Twelve Imams (peace be upon them)
    7- Virtues of Shias
    8- On proving caliphate
    9- Paradise and hell
   10- Garden of preachers
   11- Garden of theosophists
   12- Qayat al-Maram “End of aim” (on virtues of Imam Ali)

Seyyed Hashem Bahrani died in 1696 in Bahrain.


The book structure

The book includes 16 chapters some of them as follows:

- Superiority of the Koran

- Why the Koran descended in Arabic?

- The first and the last chapters (surah) which descended

- The close relation between the Koran and the Prophets family, etc.



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al- Borhan Exegesis


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