Zu Hasam

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Zu Hasam is the name of another lodging of Imam Hossein’s caravan, between Mecca and Kufa. It is located in the area on the left hand of “Sharaaf” (another lodging). In this lodging, Hossein’s caravan faced Hurr Ibn Yazid Riyahi’s army. Imam ordered his companions to save water. Here Imam met Hurr Ibn Yazid Riyahi and his army. Hurr did not let Imam’s caravan ride forward. Hurr’s army and Imam’s said their prayers by noon, then Imam lectured. He said people: “O people! I am coming to you by your letters given to your messengers, you wanted me#### to be your Imam and leader, if now you are faithful to the invitation,(they had invited Imam to Kufa) make me sure and if you are not, I will be back”. All the people were silent. Hurr pretended that he was uninformed. Imam’s companion, Abdullah Ibn Sam’an showed Hurr the letters but he did not let them come return, by order of Ubeyd Allah Ibn Ziyad.


Nafas al-Mahmum

Farhang-e Ashura

Absar al-Eyn


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