Bani Hanzaleh

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Bani Hanzaleh was a great tribe, from the family of Hanzala Ibn Malek. They was resident in Arabia Island. Hanzaleh was a great Arab chief who then became the Bani Tamim’s chief as well. His descendents were powerful and well-versed in poetry. Bani Hanzaleh was divided into two families: Bani Yarbu’ and Bani Darem.

Before Islam
Bani Hanzaleh had a good relationship with Iranand the Iranian king “Anushirvan” (Sasanid king). Bani Hanzaleh, ####then embraced Zoroastrianism. It was the only Arab tribe which was fire worshipper.

After Islam
Most of the members of Bani Hanzaleh embraced Islam by the efforts of Aktham Ibn Seyfi. Some of them participated in Badr Battle (in 624).

After the Prophet
In Nahrawan Battle (in 658, between Ali and Khawarij), they fought against Khawarij, but some of them fought against the Imam and led Khawarij (Arabic term indicates the dissidents who at the battle of Siffin in 657, refused arbitration between Ali and Mu’wiya and “departed”)

Bani Hanzaleh celebrities
There were some figures in poetry and literature, such as: Jarir (from Bani Yarbu’), Farzadaq (from Bani Darem) and Meskin Daremi (from Bani Darem).


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