Platform Companions (As’hab-e Soffeh)

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Companions of Soffeh was the name of a group of Prophet’s companions, from the Emigrants group (Muhajrin; term primarily applied to those Meccan Muslims who made the emigration from Mecca to Medina either just before the Prophet himself or in the period up to the conquest of Mecca in 630). This group lived in the northern part of the Prophet’s mosque in a large area, out of mosque, called “Soffeh”, which means “platform. Gradually they were known as “As’hab-e Soffeh” (Platform Companions). The Prophet supported them and called them “the guests of Islam”. There are many traditions on#### the poverty of this group, sometimes they had nothing to eat, except a date! And also nothing to wear, so they hid themselves in desert. The following are some members of this group who were the faithful companions of the Prophet:
1- Abuzar Ghaffari
2- Salman Farsi
3- Balal Ibn Rebah
4- Wathelat Ibn Asqa’
5- Abu Haria


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