The mysteries of theosophies

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The book  “The mysteries of theosophies” (Asrar al - He kam) is one of the greatest works of the pre-eminent philosopher “Mullah Hadi sabzwari”.  

It is one of the theologi-philosophical works written after the time of the celebrated philosopher “ Mullah Sadra”.  

The author intends the sciences: philosophy, mysticism, theology, jurisprudence, and the notices the differences between these sciences.

It is compiled in 2 volumes: 1- theoretical philosophy   2- Practical philosophy 

The author

Mullah Hadi Sabzewari, Persian philosopher and poet (1797 – 1878), Sabzewar (town in Khorasan, Iran). He disseminated and clarified the doctrines of Mullah Sadra Shirazi (leading Persian philosopher; 1571 – 1640).


He studies philosophy and mysticism in Isfahan, Iran under great teachers: Mullah Hossein Sabzewari, Muhammad Ibrahim Karbasi, Sheikh Muhammad Taqi, Mullah Ali Mazandarani Nuri and Mullah Ismail Isfahani.

Then he went to Mashhad and started teaching. The following are some of his students in Mashhad:


- Mullah Muhammad Kazem Khorasani

- Mullah Muhammad Kazem Sabzewari

- Ayatollah Mirza Hossein Mujtahed Sabzewari

- Mullah Abdul Karim Quchani

- Mirzza Hasan Karim Damad

- Mirza Muhammad Yazdi, etc.


Then went to Sabzewar and took up residence for forty years in this city. He wrote books and trained many students.

Sabzewari was also a poet, composed mystic poems. His pen name was “Asrar” (Secrets).



Over 30 writings ( including books, glosses and treatises) are left of him:


  1. The secrets of philosophy
  2. Diwan (the collection of his poems)
  3. On the principles of religion
  4. Explanation for the book Masnawi (Rumi’s poetical work)
  5. Resurrection in philosophy and Islamic theology
  6. The treatise of Hakim Sabzewari (including the important philosophical and mystic discussions)
  7. Explanation for “Du’a al-Sabah” (Morning prayer)
  8. Explanation for “Joshan Kabir prayer)
  9. On the rules and secrets of jurisprudence, etc.

The book structure

1) The 1st volume (theoretical philosophy)

- Proof of the Necessity – Being

-Recognition of the attributes God Almighty

- The deeds of God Almighty

-Self – discovery


- The absolute prophecy

- Imamate

2) The 2nd volume (Practical philosophy)

- Prayer

- Alms

- Fast

- Purification

This book was published in 1982 in Tehran – Iran.







The mysteries of theosophies


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