A'yan al- Shia

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A'yan al- Shia (Shiite great men) is the name of a prominent work on biography of great Shia scholars, written by “Sayyed Mohsen Amin Aameli”.


The author

Seyyed Mohsen Jabal Aameli, titled as “Amin” (1868 – 1955); Jabal Aamel - Lebanon outstanding Shia scholar, historian, poet and leader of Shias.

He passed the preliminary studies in his birthplace, then traveled to Najaf and continued his studies in the presence of prominent masters: Muhammad Kazem Khurasani, Sheikh Muhammad Taha Najafi, Shari’at Isfahani and other great scholars.  In 1902 went to Damascus and started teaching and writing.

The invaluable book “A’yan al-Shia” which is one of the most important books on Shia Rejal, was written by him.
(Rejal is the name of an Islamic science which talks about Muslim traditionists).
Jabal Aameli worked over 50 years on writing this book. His aim was to write the most comprehensive encyclopedia on the biographies of Shia Rejal.
Besides having a scientific and religious position, he was also the leader of Damascus Independence Seekers.

“The light of intellects” and “ Roaring sea” are his other works.


The book structure

A'yan al- Shia is the most comprehensive encyclopaedia on Shiite distinguished men in Islamic rules, as well as explanation of Shiite beliefs.

The author also explains life of Shiite scholars, jurisconsults, theologians, historians, philosophers, astronomers, logicians, doctors, literary men and artists.

The book is complied in 33 volumes.

The author intended to write the book in 100 volumes but he died and his son published the rest of volumes.

A'yan al- Shia is arranged in 55 volumes.

The 1st volumes:  Preface

The 2nd volumes:  The life of the prophet and his daughter Her Holiness Zahra (Blessing of God be upon them)

The 3rd and the 4th volumes:  the life of the twelve Shia Imams

The 5th   volumes:  the life of great Shiite scholars                  



A'yan al- Shia


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