Dictionary of the narrators of the Prophetic traditions and Their Categories

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This book is one of the most significant books, written by Ayatollah Abul Qasem Khoie, in Arabic. It is a comprehensive encyclopedia on Shia Rejals’ biographies. (Rejal is the name of an Islamic science concerns the traditionists).

The author
Ayatollah Seyyed Abul Qasem Khoie, one of the most influential Islamic scholars, was born in 1899 in Khoi –Iran. He was the spiritual leader of much of the Shi' world until ####his death. At the age of 13, he took up residence in Najaf –Iraq and began studying Shi'a theology under the scholars. Due to his prominent position as a teacher and scholar, he became an important leader of worldwide Shias. He is considered as the architect of a distinct school of thought in the principles of jurisprudence and Islamic law and one of the leading exponents of scholastic theology, study of the biographies of transmitters of Hadiths, jurisprudence and exegesis of the Quran. He was fervently dedicated to establishing welfare, social, cultural and educational institutions for Muslims worldwide.

Structure of the book
The book has been compiled in 23 volumes, as following:
The 1st volume:
- Necessity of science Rejal
- The five principles of science Rejal (from the Arabic letter الف (A) to ح (H))

The 2nd volume:
From the Arabic letter ح (H) to د (D)
Categories: Ahmad – Ahmad Ibn Helal

The 3rd volume:
From د (D) to ث، و (Th, V)
Categories: Asbaat – Tha’laba

The 4th volume:
From ج (J) to ح، س (H, S)
Categories: Jaber – Hasan Ibn Atiyeh

The 5th volume:
The letters ح، س (H, S)
Categories: Hasan Ibn Ali – Hossein Ibn Sayf

The 6th volume:
From ح، س (H,S) to ح، ی (H,Y)
Categories: Hossein Ibn Abdullah – Hannan Ibn Sadir

The 7th volume:
From خ (Kh) to زی (Zey)
Categories: Khaled Ibn Jarir – Zeyd Shahham Abu Usama

The 8th volume:
The letter س (S)
Categories: Salem – Seyf Tammar

The 9th volume:
From ش (Sh) to ع، ب (A, B)
Categories: Sharif Ibn Sabeq – Abdul Rahman Azrami

The 10th volume:
The letter ع، ب (A, B)
Categories: Abdul Rahim Qaeysar – Abdullah Hashemi

The 11th volume:
From ع، ب (A, B) to ع، ل (A, L)
Categories: Abdul Malek – Ali Ibn Hakam

The 12th volume:
From ع، ل (A, L) to ع، م (A, M)
Categories: Ali Ibn Khaled – Ammar Sabati

The 13th volume:
From ع، م (U, M) to ف، ی (F,Y)
Categories: Umar Ibn Abaan – Fazil Ibn Yasar

The 14th volume:
From ق (Q) to م، ح (M, H)
Categories: Qasem – Muhammad Ibn Ahmad

The 15th volume:
The letter م، ح (M, H)
Categories: Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn Ali – Muhammad Ibn Hossein Ibn Abi Khattab

The 16h volume:
The letter م، ح (M, H)
Categories: Muhammad Ibn Hafs – Muhammad Ibn Ali Ibn Hossein Abu Jafar

The 17th volume:
The letter م، ح (M, H)
Categories: Muhammad Ibn Ali Ibn Mahbub – Muhammad Ibn Humam

The 18th volume:
From م، ح (M, H) to م، ن (M, N)
Categories: Muhammad Ibn Yahya – Mansur al-Seyqal

The 19th volume:
From م، ن (M, N) to ه، ی (H, Y)
Categories: manhal Qasab – Heytham Ibn Waqed

The 20th volume:
The letter ی (Y)
Categories: Yaser al-Khadem – Yunus Ibn Yaqub

The 21st volume:
The prefixes “Abu” (father)
Categories: Abu Usama – Abu Ali Ibn Rashed

The 22nd volume:
The prefixes “Abu” and “Ibn” (son)
Categories: Abu Qaleb Razi – Ibn Abbas

The 23rd volume:
Including the list of Rejal translators and the chapter of the titles
Categories: Ibn Fazzal – al-Sakouni


Dictionary of the narrators of the Prophetic traditions and Their Categories (Ayatollah Khoei)


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