The Celestial Lights

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The Celestial Lights (Anwar al-Malakut) is one of the great works of Allameh Tehrani. It is a collection of the sermons which had been preached in 1971 and some years later in Qaem mosque (in Tehran). The sermons includes the subjects: the celestial light of the Quran, the celestial light of mosque, the celestial light of prayer, the celestial light of fast and the celestial light of praying. The first subject, the celestial light of the Quran has been published in 4 volumes.

####The author
Allameh Seyyed Muhammad Hossein Hosseini Tehrani, outstanding scholar, theosophist, philosopher, theologian and literary man in the 21st century. He was born in 1926 in Tehran. Allameh had studied mechanics successfully and could go abroad, continue his eduacation and work, but he started studying religious sciences. Allameh went to “Qom Hawzeh” and studied philosophy, commentary and theosophy in the presence of great philosopher; “Allameh Tabatabaei” and other masters for 7 years. Then he went to Najaf at the age of 27 to continue his studies. He studied jurisprudence (Fiqh), methodology (Osul) and Hadith under great jurisconsults and scholars. Allameh was also trained in the presence of great scholars and theosophists: Sheikh Abbas Qochani, Seyyed Jamal al-Din Golpayegani, Sheikh Muhammad Javad Ansari and the prominent theosophist; “Seyyed Hashem Mousavi Haddad” who was one of the greatest students of “Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Qazi Tabatabaei”. “Haddad” had a profound effect on Allameh’s life. At the age of 33, by order of his master “Sheikh Muhammad Javad Ansari”, he returned to Tehran and started propagating Islamic commandments and guiding people. Allameh Tehrani had also political activities. He was against “Muhammad Reza shah” (king of Iran) and was going to establish an Islamic government. He communicated with Imam Khomeini (the former supreme leader of Iran) by his students “Murteza Mutahari”. In 1979, by order of his master “Seyyed Hashem Haddad”, he went to Mashhad and spent his rest of life in this city. He trained many students and wrote prominent books.

Structure of the book
The first volume (the celestial light of fast, prayer and mosque) 318 pages
1- Exegesis of the Quranic verses You who believe, fasting has been prescribed for you just as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may do your duty” (2/ 183)
2- Keep up prayer from the decline of the sun, until twilight at night; and [observe] the Reading at daybreak, since reading [the Quran] at daybreak will be witnessed (17/ 78)
3- Believers will succeed, this means those who are reverent in their prayer (23/ 2)
4- Keep up prayer and so not be one of those who associate [others with him] (30/ 31)
5- Keep up prayer at both ends of the day; and at the approach of night. Good deeds remove evil deeds: that is a Reminder for such persons as will be remained (11/ 114)
6- Yet they have merely been ordered to worship God sincerely-[reserving] religion for him[Alone], as righteous seekers [after Truth] –and to keep up prayer and pay the welfare tax. That is the religion for an established [community] (98/ 5)
7- Watch over prayers and [especially] the middle prayer; and stand up devoutly to [worship] God (2/ 238)
8- Seek help through patience and prayer, since it is exacting except for the submissive (2/ 45)
9- Say: “my Lord has ordered me to play fair. Keep your faces set towards every place of prayer and appeal to Him sincerely; religion belongs to Him. even as He started you off, so will you return. (7/ 29)
10- Only someone who believes in God and the Last Day, keeps up prayer, pays the welfare tax, and dreads only God [Alone], shall frequent God’s mosques. Perhaps those may be the ones who submit to guidance (9/ 18).

The second volume (the celestial light of the Quran and prayer) 477 pages
1- This Quran guides one to something that is more straightforward and reassures believers who perform honorable actions; they shall have great earnings (17/ 9)
2- Say: “What thing is most important as evidence?” Say: “God is a witness for both me and you. This Reading has been revealed to me so that I may warn you (all) by means of it, as well as anyone it may reach. Do you testify that there are other gods along with God?” Say: “I will not swear so!” Say: “He is God Alone, while I am innocent of whatever you associate [with Him]” (6/ 19)
3- Light and a Clear Book have been brought to you from God (5/ 15)
4- We have sent the Book down to you to explain everything, and for guidance and mercy, and as good news for Muslims (16/ 89)
5- We send down something from the Quran [to serve] as healing and a mercy for believers, while wrongdoers are only increased in loss (17/ 82)
6- Yet you have been proffered the Quran by Someone [Who is] Wise Aware (27/ 6)
7- Have they not meditated on the Reading? If it had come from some other source than God, they would have found a great deal of contradiction in it (4/ 82)
8- It is We Who have sent the Quran down to you as a revelation (76/ 23)
9- Whenever My servants as ask you about Me, [it means] I am Near. I answer the appeal of the prayerful one whenever he appeals to Me. Let them respond to Me, and believe in Me so they may be directed (2/ 186)
10- Your Lord has said: “Appeal to Me; I shall respond to you. The ones who are too proud to worship Me, will enter Hell abjectly” (40/ 60)
11- Say: “My Lord will never care about you unless you appeal to Him. Yet since you have rejected [Him], something else will be necessary” (25/ 77)
12- Everyman, you are toiling constantly for your Lord, and you will meet Him! (84/ 6)
13- Say: “Appeal to God, or appeal to the Mercy-giving: whichever [name] you may invoke, He still has the Finest Names. Do not shout in your prayer nor say it under your breath; seek a course I between” (17 /110)
14- Appeal to your Lord beseeching and in private; He does not love those who are aggressive (7/ 55)


The Celestial Lights (Allameh Tehrani)

American English translation of the Quran (T.B. Irving)


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