The Trustworthy City

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This is a famous book on the rules of prayer and worship, written by Sheikh Taqi al-Din Ibrahim Jab’i.

The author
Sheikh Taqi al-Din Ibrahim Jab’I, known as Ka’fi, son of Zayn al-Din Ali Harethi Lawizi; outstanding scholar in the 15th century. He was born in Lebanon. His father also was a great jurist. Kaf’I was prominent Shia traditionist, man of letters and poet. There are left many works of him. His brother- Shams al-Din Muhammad Ibn Ali- was the ####great grandfather of Sheikh Bahaee. He died in 1499 and was buried in his birthplace.

The subjects of the book
1- The rules of purification
2- A brief explanation on the rules of the prayer for the deceased
3- The actions should be done after the prayers
4- The prayers in time of sleeping
5- The special actions and prayers for the seven days of the week
6- The special actions and prayers for the months Rajab to Jamadi al-Thani (Arabic months)
7- Istekhareh (a method of seeking divine guidance for a decision that one is about to make; with the help of prayer beads or the Quran)
8- The recommended prayers
9- Sajjadiya Book (a prayer book which its prayers belonged to the 4th Imam, Sajjad “P.B.U.H” )
10- The prayers of Imam Javad (the 9th Imam).


The Trustworthy City

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